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Meet Walter

Walter Muneton represents true “homegrown” leadership.

IMG_0586 copyWalter was born and raised in Garden Grove, and is a product of Garden Grove Unified School District. He attended Clinton Elementary, Doig Intermediate, and Santiago High School. For the past 5 years, Walter has been working as a youth mentor and case manager at the Garden Grove Boys and Girls Club, providing access to critical health and education programs to our children. During his time off, Walter serves as a mentor for high school students and assists them in achieving their highest potential as they prepare for college.

He attended Santa Ana Community College as a first generation college student and then went on to receive a Bachelor’s of Arts in Human Services at Cal State University Dominguez Hills.

In addition to his work on behalf of children and students, Walter is working hard to make Garden Grove a better place to live, work, and raise a family. He serves as a member of the Garden Grove Neighborhood Improvement and Conservation Commission as he works on projects to enhance and beautify our community. He also volunteers as a Bond Oversight Committee member with the Garden Grove Unified School District in helping provide transparency in the use of Measure A bond proceeds.

In 2015, Walter was honored by the California State Senate, Assembly, and Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance with a “Community Impact Award as an Emerging Leader” for his work within the Asian & Pacific Islander Community.

Walter’s passion for our community and our children is the sole reason why he’s running for Garden Grove Unified School District, Area 3. Walter will make sure all of our children are given a top-notch education, and are prepared for college and the workforce.

What He Stands For


The American dream is built on the opportunity to achieve greatness and success through hard work and dedication. Every child deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education because education is one of the top determinants to a child’s future success– education provides tools for children and youth to take control of their own lives. Gender, ethnicity, social, and/or economic-status should not determine the quality of the education they receive. Walter Muneton will always fight to give our kids the best education that our public school system has to offer.


Personal accountability not only guides and inspires hard work, dedication, and integrity, but also bestows an immense social responsibility and commitment to the community and our neighbors. A collaboration of accountable neighborhoods, parents, and school administration is what makes a school district thrive. As a school board member, Walter will make it a priority to work together with all stakeholders and put our community first in order to solve the issues that demand our attention.


Authentic leaders promote honesty and hold the best for their community as first priority. As school board member, Walter Muneton will do what is best for the Garden Grove School District. This means ensuring the decision-making processes of the school board are open, transparent, and reflect the best interest of the community, so all residents have the ability to be involved on the policies and issues that impact their children.

What He's Fighting For

Ensure students graduate college and are career ready.

– Expand Career Technical Education & College Readiness programs.

– Partner with labor organizations that offer trade & technical skills.

– Create partnerships with local universities & community colleges so students can earn college credit while in high school.

Instill a 21st century learning environment so students can be prepared for a global economy.

– Increase Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) programs so that students are prepared for innovative careers.

– Utilize the 5 c’s: Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and civic engagement.

– Support teacher led practices that engage more students in learning.

Promote a safe school & community climate to enhance student’s success.

– Provide professional development to staff so they can learn to identify mental health needs, bullying, and high-risk behaviors.

– Advocate for class size reductions.

– Hire social workers to help provide resources to the families & students.

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People Who Believe in Walter

Elected Officials

Al Jabbar – Anaheim Union High School District Trustee
Angelica Amezcua – Santa Ana Councilwoman
Bao Nguyen – Mayor of Garden Grove
Dr. George West – President, Garden Grove School Board
Jackie Rodarte – North Orange County Community College District Trustee
Jamison Power – Westminster School Board Trustee
Michele Martinez – Santa Ana Councilwoman
Ryan A. Ruelas – Anaheim City School District Trustee
Sergio Contreras – Mayor Pro Tem of Westminster
Teri Rocco – Vice President, Garden Grove School Board
Valerie Amezcua – Santa Ana School Unified School District Trustee
Vincent Sarmiento – Mayor Pro Tem of Santa Ana


Classified School Employees Association – Chapter 121
Garden Grove Education Association
Orange County Employees Association
SEIU – United Service Workers West
Unite Here Local 11

Community Members

Alexis Patlan
Andrew Halberstadt
Andrew Kanzler
Andy De Santiago
Asunta Bamini
Benjamin To
Enrique Espinoza
Hugo Trejo
Jacqueline Dan, Esq.
John Bui
Kathia Canlas
Krystin Gibson
Kurtis Gibson
Laura Guzman
Mark Paredes
Mateo Sanchez
Mi Nguyen
Michelle Hong
Oscar Canchola
Patricia Guzman
Shawta Singh
Tyron Jackson
Victor Gomez
Will Stapatyanon

“As the president of the Garden Grove School Board, I trust Walter Muneton will utilize his passion for community service and leadership skills to ensure that the students of our school district continue to be our top priority.”

Dr. George West, President of the Garden Grove School Board

“As the current superintendent of the Anaheim Union H.S. District and a Santiago High Alumni, I trust Walter will work hard to ensure students are given a top notch education. His passion for 21st century learning will help make better environments where children grow into responsible, caring adults ready to take on the real world.”

Michael Matsuda , Superintendent of the Anaheim Union H.S. District

“As a councilwoman of the city of Santa Ana, I trust that Walter will be an advocate for the for the students of the Santa Ana community who attend Garden Grove Unified schools. For this reason, it is my pleasure to endorse him for the Garden Grove School Board”

Angelica Amezcua, Santa Ana City Councilwoman

“Walter Muneton is a homegrown leader, who is always thinking about how to make our community better. As an Oversight Committee member for our schools and as City Commissioner, Walter has fought for better opportunities for our families. I trust Walter will continue to be a champion for our students, as our trustee on the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education.”

Bao Nguyen, Mayor of Garden Grove

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