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Meet Walter

Walter Muneton represents true “homegrown” leadership.

Walter was born and raised in Garden Grove, and is a proud product of Garden Grove Unified School District. He attended Clinton Elementary, Doig Intermediate, and graduated from Santiago High School. For over 5 years, Walter worked in the capacity of youth mentor, Case Manager, and Director at the Garden Grove Boys and Girls Club, providing access to critical health and education programs to our students.

He attended Santa Ana Community College as a first generation college student and then went on to receive a Bachelor’s of Arts in Human Services at Cal State University Dominguez Hills. He currently attends Cal State University Long Beach to pursue a Masters in Social Work.

Prior to joining the Board of Education, he volunteered as a Bond Oversight Committee member with the Garden Grove Unified School District in helping provide transparency in the use of Measure A bond proceeds. In addition to his work on behalf of children and students, Walter enjoys spending time with his family and wife Yesenia, whom was also a product of Garden Grove Schools.

Walter’s passion for the community and our children is the sole reason why he represents the Grove Unified School District, Trustee Area 3. Walter’s goal is to make sure all of our children are given a top-notch education, and are prepared for college and/or the workforce.

What He Stands For


The American dream is built on the opportunity to achieve greatness and success through hard work and dedication. Every child deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education because education is one of the top determinants to a child’s future success– education provides tools for children and youth to take control of their own lives. Gender, ethnicity, social, and/or economic-status should not determine the quality of the education they receive. Walter Muneton will always fight to give our kids the best education that our public school system has to offer.


Personal accountability not only guides and inspires hard work, dedication, and integrity, but also bestows an immense social responsibility and commitment to the community and our neighbors. A collaboration of accountable neighborhoods, parents, and school administration is what makes a school district thrive. As a school board member, Walter will make it a priority to work together with all stakeholders and put our community first in order to solve the issues that demand our attention.


Authentic leaders promote honesty and hold the best for their community as first priority. As school board member, Walter Muneton will do what is best for the Garden Grove School District. This means ensuring the decision-making processes of the school board are open, transparent, and reflect the best interest of the community, so all residents have the ability to be involved on the policies and issues that impact their children.

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